Cube is a spatial puzzle game where you solve simplified Rubik’s Cubes1 of various sizes, dimensions, and degrees of disarray.

I have gotten in to the problem of how to display and control 3rd and 4th dimensional cubes on a 2d screen in a sane and beautiful way. I had a fully functional 4 dimensional Rubik’s cube (not simplified) working in late April but it looked totally chaotic:

This is the solved state, it’s even more nuts when you scramble it up!

I think you’ll agree I’ve come a long way:

also the solved state.

I don’t expect a lot of downloads, but I am proud of its clean look and elegant representation of complex 3rd and 4th dimensional objects.


1 A normal Rubik’s cube is solved when all of its cubies are in the correct position with the correct rotation. My cube is simplified in that it only observes the position of the Cubies and not their rotation, a necessary sacrifice for the clean look.