I made a game! It’s super simple: you are a circle and you avoid other circles.

I am interested in offering short, fun/interesting experiences. The kind of thing you could start, master and finish in 20 minutes. A classic “dodge the things” game is a good fit; it’s easy to pick up and is fun right away.

I love variety and I wanted to explore some of the directions you can go from such a basic starting point, so each level is a different remix of the base game.

The most interesting levels (and the ones that I hope will make you go download my game) are the ones where you control the player using both hands. That’s right, WADS and arrow keys. There are a ton of way to implement this. I chose to have you control two players (one with each hand) that are bound together.

This way, pressing up on both hands causes your characters to move up, up on one hand and down on the other causes your characters to spin. It’s an interesting and powerful setup. It takes a bit of getting used to but is definitely master-able.

It’s a pretty humble offering, but if tight arcade gameplay is your thing or if two handed controls piqued your interest, it’s worth checking out.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.