Mathilda – Algebra Practice

Well, I’ve done it again, If I throw enough mud at a wall some of it will stick right? I have finally finished my third Math app: Mathilda – Algebra Practice. It’s the same old Drag and Drop algebra but bundled with practice problems.

I am more interested in creating a calculator than an educational app, so Mathilda Algebra Practice is something of a side step. The problem I am hoping it will solve is: no one is looking for an app like Mathilda (that is, an app the will help you with algebra but will not do everything for you) because they don’t know it exists. However, (if auto complete can be trusted) people are searching for Algebra Practice apps.

There are plenty of algebra practice apps, but none with a very compelling way for users to do algebra on their phone. So Mathilda Algebra Practice should be able to stand out, and maybe even sell some users on Drag and Drop Algebra.

Huge shout-out to Adam S, he wrote all problems, I could not have done it without him.

Thanks for reading and for your support.