Rubik’s Rhombic Dodecahedron

For a long time, I have wanted to make a higher dimensional Rubik’s cube. I recently dropped a large Mathilda update so figure I would take a week off and take a swing at a 4th dimensional cube. When the dust settled two weeks later, I had a collection of abstract art and this *points at the header image*.

The above is a Rubik’s rhombic dodecahedron (or, rurodo for short). A decidedly three dimensional object, but none the less quite interesting. Here are some fun facts about the rurodo:

  • It has four rotational paths (a cube only has 3, one for each dimension)
  • Instead of rotating a face you rotate three faces (this is the only cube I know that works this way)
  • When you rotate a set of sides you must rotate them by a multiple of two clicks
  • I am not convinced the 3×3 I present could exist int the real world

It might not be what I set out to make but it is a pretty cool thing.