Let’s be honest: everyone hates algebra. There are so many fiddly steps that are just a pain. To make matters worse, most steps are easy to mess up, and mistakes are difficult and time consuming to track down.

With Mathilda’s help, you can say goodbye to frustration and hello to drag and drop algebra!

Mathilda is an algebra tool fit for the 21st century. You just tell it what step to take (add this, expand that, etc.), and it will handle all the nasty details. Better yet, Mathilda will not allow you to make mistakes, so you can always have confidence in your answers. It’s pretty slick, check it out:

There are many tools that will solve equations for you, but only Mathilda lets you solve an equation on your own while also checking your work. This combination offers the flexibility and understanding of solving a problem by hand and the accuracy of using a solver.